Our booking processing system provides guaranteed check-in and increases occupancy of profitable objects.

Minimize costs

Due to the creation of the proper logistics of labor resources, their salary is not distributed in the income from one property, but among several.

Unique scheme

Thanks to the high rating of the company on booking sites, we are able to set the price for accommodation higher than our competitors.

Reduced commission costs

We reduce commission by 30-60% of aggregators such as Booking, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, etc.

Commission with a net profit

Our motivation is to make more money for the owner.

High rating in Odessa

Thanks to the experience and knowledge, unlike the young accounts, we occupy the top positions.

The favorable system of pricing

Statistics based on data from five years of work helps us determine the most advantageous pricing.

The acquired database

Feedback from more than 15,000 guests allows us to improve the service system and increase the average occupancy rate of profitable objects.

Increased filling level

Increased occupancy is achieved through collaboration with travel agencies, subtenants, communities, and international organizations.


Cost minimization through labor logistics.

Scenery and professional photos.

Decrease commission costs by 30-60% for Booking, Airbnb, etc.

We know at what price to rent an apartment/hotel in any are

Maintenance a high rating on Booking and other platforms.

The accumulated database of 15,000 guests.

Guaranteed guests check-in when booking.

Collaboration with organizations to increase occupancy.

Cost minimization through labor logistics.

Maintenance a high rating on Booking and other platforms.

Scenery and professional photos.

The accumulated database of 15,000 guests.

Decrease commission costs by 30-60% for Booking, Airbnb, etc.

Guaranteed guests check-in when booking.

We know at what price to rent an apartment/hotel in any are

Collaboration with organizations to increase occupancy.


We receive reward only from the net profit that we bring to the property owner. The more homeowner earns, the more finances we will have to scale.

Our task is to save each of your dollars. We know what needs to be saved, and what’s not, in order not to lower profits.

We know how to find the right tenant for the highest price. In our management, there are facilities in which more than 5,000 people live annually. This makes us the largest company in Odessa for the rental of real estate daily. The algorithms and data that we use allow us to set the highest possible price for the lease of the object each calendar day separately.

The process of check-in, booking, occupancy, cleaning the income object, is going under our control, which relieves the property owner from these concerns.


Why it is better to rent the property under control?

As a rule, when renting a property, a huge number of tasks are superimposed on its owner:

  1. Search for loyal guests;
  2. Payment of utilities, taxes;
  3. General cleaning after the change of residents and related services;
  4. Permanent stay in the city where the property is located.

The management company performs these tasks itself. Thereby, the owner saves time and ensures uninterrupted renting of housing, which will bring his owner a steady and stable income.

With our help, you can be anywhere in the world and get passive income.

What are the differences between Property Invest and other management companies?

Have you ever heard of adhesion, anchor or balustrade? No? That is right. This is not your concern. And we have heard and we know how it works. Therefore, the properties that we create, delight their owners.

The company directs the gained experience on minimization of expenses and constant optimized work, which allows real estate to generate income as soon as possible.

Improvement, innovation, ideas – we embody all this thanks to the fact that not only we work for clients, but also for their interests.

What are the rights of the owner, after the conclusion of the contract?

By concluding an agreement on property management, the owners’ rights to an apartment are not limited, he only shifts all the worries of renting it to the management company. Real estate brings passive income to the owner all year round.

How to solve the issue with problematic renter?

1) The company’s own algorithm allows you to identify inappropriate potential guests. In such cases, we refuse to check-in.

2) Even before the tenant’s arrival, we will know his passport details. And when we check-in, we only verify the legitimacy of the data. If the transaction had negative results, a tenant is searched, and is subsequently calculated for losses.

3)  We take a deposit to confirm the tenant’s intentions.

How Property Invest increases the occupancy of objects?

Our company has a rating of 9-9.5 on and 5 * on Airbnb. The hotels under our management are in the top 50 properties in Odessa, the apartments in the top 100. This allows you to increase the cost of rent of the object by 20-40% and fill it even in low season. We are also located at the 5 largest international sites and at 15 sites for the CIS countries. Property invest cooperates with 30 partners that are members of the Jewish, French and Turkish delegations, seafarers’ employment agencies, Polish and Turkish travel agencies. Also, for maximum benefit, we organize corporate events and collaborations with photo studios. Filling of our apartments with the best design is usually 73-78%, with average – 55%.

We are the owners of the taxi service. This allows you to advertise all hotels and apartments that we manage through this channel. Taxi drivers themselves check-in / check-out guests when they arrive at night. Thus, we control all the process.


Minimizing cost of the real estate services through the distribution of the labor force at the same time on multiple objects.

We serviced the apartment, which was rented by the day and was located on Kamanin Street. The cost of one general cleaning was 400 UAH. As a result, renting an apartment for less than 3 days was unprofitable. Therefore, bookings for 1 and 2 days were blocked by us (despite the fact that such a settlement is popular in the period from September to early June). As a consequence, the occupancy rate of the apartment decreased to 30% per month.

 We have taken in trust another 6 apartments. This allowed hiring a settlement manager. His duties include control of the cleaning process, acceptance of payment and a deposit in place. (The employee’s salary was distributed to all apartments).

As a result, we opened the booking for 1-2 days and increased the occupancy rate to 65%.

The lack of bona fide sub-tenants, who are trying to decrease the profit of the owner.

In June 2013, we built the first four apartments in order to rent them out to create passive income. The projected profitability was 6.5% per annum. We began to look for ways to increase it. In the process of searching, we were advised to contact the subtenants who rent apartments daily. Showing them objects with expensive repairs, we learned that this year is a poor season, and most apartments are unfilled. Subsequently, we were asked to rent an apartment at a price lower than the cost of renting for a long time! If we agreed to the offer, we would receive 4.5% per annum.

We calculated the estimated earnings for the rent of real estate by the day, considering all the expenses in a situation that the occupancy rate will be 34%. It was the most profitable option, from the previously reviewed. We took the risk and, actually, in the first season we ran into problems due to low ratings, lack of experience and problems with no-show guests.

As a result, we received an income of 5.6% per annum. And next year it was raised to 11.5% and successfully sold all the objects to foreign investors. We still manage their apartments.

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