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Relevant types of passive income in 2019

Relevant types of passive income

How it is possible to do less, but at the same time get more? After spending 3-5 minutes of your time and reading the article, you will not receive passive income immediately, but you will understand what you need to do and how long it will take.

Myths and reality about passive income

There is no magic wand which will multiply your money. Instead, it is better to figure out what types of passive income are relevant in 2019. First goal is to understand the advantages and disadvantages, and then it’s possible to invest in the activities that correspond to personal preferences. And we are here to help with this.

Making money with the help of money? Sounds cool, well that’s the way it is.
Let’s look at the main sources of financial passive income.

Real estate investment

One of the reasons why after all we should invest in real estate, even at the height of the crisis, is an objectively profitable option. At a minimum, the income will be 15-20%, and if the object was selected in a competitive area, then the value of the property itself will increase, thereby constantly increasing the value of the object.

Profir from bank deposit and real estate investment

For example, the banking sector is currently not as efficient and stable as investing in real estate.

It makes sense to invest in real estate for a longer period, for example, by entrusting your property to a management company, this will not only save your time but also will bring a steady income without much effort from the owner. But there is also property itself that has the best liquidity, compared to other types of investments.

One of the main reasons why it is profitable to invest in real estate is the low awareness of the majority in the advantage over other types of investment. Therefore, those who read this article have unique information that can be used right now. At the moment there is a minimum amount of useful information on investing in real estate. A small number of companies that provide services on the market in Ukraine. This is probably the main reason why it is important to be one of the first who understand the value of this information.

For example, if you rent yourself, at first glance it seems that it is more profitable, because you control the whole process. But as mentioned earlier, the most valuable resource is time, and to achieve the required quality and level of delivery of daily rent, you need more money, time and effort than a trusting company that works in the interests of the client, having a fully developed, automated system that saves time and funds for the owner.


More liquid type of investment;

Dividends higher than stocks, bonds and bank deposits.


Insufficient amount of funds for investment. *

Limited number of companies on the Ukrainian market that meet international standards and the quality of the services provided. **

* To determine the minimum amount of seed capital for an additional source of income, you can contact Property Invest, who will advise you on the existing capital, and immediately generate additional income.

** We can advise ourselves with confidence, as a company that is sure in its strength.

Cryptocurrency investment

One of the most popular topics, that began its discussion a couple of years ago, is the topic of cryptocurrency. How can virtual technology knowledge bring real money?

Profit from bank deposit and cryptocurrency investment

If you understand technical analysis and scheduling price movements based on analytical tools, then you can use this type of passive income. In addition, you can constantly monitor the market and make buying / selling decisions based on news or the fundamental development of a specific project.


Good possiblity to achieve high results, but only a few people can succeed with the help of expertise.


You need to independently understand the subspecies of earnings using cryptocurrency;

Instability and increased risks.

Purchase of a working online business

Alternatively, acquire a thriving business and get a steady profit. First you need to find an enterprise that requires a minimum amount of practical activity. As an option, to buy a blog.

Profit from bank deposit and online business investment

Successful blogs are sold for several reasons: there is no time for this activity, it does not bring enough money, or the offer to sell was too good that it is impossible to refuse.

Let’s say you buy a popular website that has been monetized. Even if you are not going to place other content on it and leave the publication as it is, it will still bring you passive income. And if there are “eternal” publications that do not lose their relevance after a while, it will keep bringing income for a long time.


Minimum time for doing business.


If you want to make money on the acquired business, you also need constant improvements;

To implement improvements passively, you need to outsource the work;

It takes a significant amount of time to find the right business.

Short summary

The most important asset today is time. Therefore, it is not worth spending it for nothing.
What do you have to assume right now?

Ask for advice from acquaintances who were engaged in this kind of activity, or read the article: TOP 10 books on real estate investing in 2019. Where practical cases and tips from leading world experts are analyzed, or click the button below and sign up for a free consultation.

Break the risks through time!

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